Vancouver Vipers Water Polo is a non‐profit club run by a volunteer executive. All activities, that are non-coach related, require the support of our parent volunteers. All parents are expected to contribute and volunteer with the club in some capacity.

A key area for volunteering is scorekeeping at your children’s games. We will ask parents with experience to work with new parents at the scorekeeping table to learn how to score keep so this responsibility does not fall on the same individuals. It is also a great way to learn the rules of the game!

At tournaments, each participating club is asked to provide at least two parent volunteers to work the scorekeeping table for each of our games. Your participation is much appreciated!

Each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours during each season. A volunteer deposit will be collected at registration and will be refunded or pro-rated according to the number of volunteer hours completed. Upon registering your player(s), parents will be asked to complete a volunteer form indicating when you are available to volunteer and your preferences for which activities.

Volunteer tracking is required by the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch in order to be considered for grant applications thus every family is requested to commit to volunteer opportunities.

Families who do not complete the full required number of volunteer hours will have their volunteer cheques at the end of each season.

There are a variety of opportunities to get involved:

  • Working on deck (score keeping, timing, pool setup) at games and tournaments your player attends. Training is available for these duties.
  • Organizing social events.
  • Age Group Manager – one parent for each age group, to communicate with parents and players
  • Pool Booking Coordinator
  • Referee Coordinator
  • Equipment, Transport, and Set-Up
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Pool Program Liaisons
  • Sponsorship
  • Social/Refreshments
  • Awards
  • Assisting at Vancouver Water Polo tournaments such as contributing food for coaches and game officials
  • Executive Members – President, Registrar, Secretary, Treasurer, Members-at-Large
  • MARKETING and Communications – including distributing posters and materials to pools and schools
  • Fundraising
  • School / PAC Liaisons

We cannot stress enough the importance of parent participation within the Vancouver Vipers Water Polo Club. With that in mind, we do recognize that some families have circumstances that prevent them from being able to commit to participating in any volunteering. If you know in advance that your family is unable to commit to volunteering in any capacity, we do provide an “opt out” option and your volunteer cheque can be cashed now along with your registration cheques. If this is the case, please advise the Registrar ([email protected]).

Thank you all for your continued support.